Morgan DeLuna

Norah (In progress)

Traumatic events don’t ever really leave us, they become a part of who we are and who we become.

This series of self-portraits investigates the process of death, rebirth, and the space in-between that I experienced in my own life dealing with personal childhood trauma as well as transgenerational trauma. These vignettes examine moments of despair and hope, fear and peace, defeat and triumph.

For this work, I am experimenting with creating a visual representation of visceral experiences connected to emotional states and memories. For the titles, I have paired the images with numbers that correlate symbolically and metaphysically to the narrative of each piece and prefixed the title with "Opus No." to denote the important role music plays in the production of this work. This series is titled with my birth name, Norah, which means light.

Opus No. 1

Opus No. 2

Opus No. 3

Opus No. 4

Opus No. 5

Opus No. 6

Opus No. 7

Opus No. 8

Opus No. 11

Opus No. 10

Opus No. 12

Opus No. 9

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