Morgan DeLuna

Norah (In progress)

My name was Norah, it means light. Maybe that is what I searched for to survive the times of darkness that had been most of my life. Traumatic events don’t ever really leave us, they become a part of us. If we ignore them they tear us down; if we acknowledge them they can grant us the strength to move forward.

This series is about the process of death, rebirth, and the space in-between that I experienced in my own life dealing with personal childhood trauma as well as transgenerational trauma. It is a look into moments of despair and hope, fear and peace, defeat and triumph.

For this work, I am experimenting with creating a visual representation of visceral experiences connected to emotional states and memories.

Opus No. 1

Opus No. 2

Opus No. 3

Opus No. 4

Opus No. 5

Opus No. 6

Opus No. 7

Opus No. 8

Opus No. 10

Opus No. 12

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